Common Casino Myths

A player new to online casinos may face preconceptions generated by “urban myths” about casinos in general, and online casinos in particular. Myths about online casinos generally trend to the pessimistic and skeptical, or cautionary tales about why casino gambling “can’t” be profitable. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, and a basic understanding of casino workings in general—and the specifics of the games in which a player chooses to engage—can enhance the gaming experience and put a player’s mind at ease. The best online slots are being offered to online casinos by top-online casino software providers, such as RTG, Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic.

Myth: Slot machine winnings are entirely dependent on luck, so there is no way to play strategically to increase your winnings. A strategic slots player always reads the machine, whether online or in person, before playing. Because different games (multipliers, buy-a-pay, progressive, and so on) pay out in different ways, it’s to your advantage to be informed about which type of game you’re playing so you can place your wagers accordingly. On games where the bonuses, jackpot or big winnings are tied to a maximum bet, play the maximum! Holding back and placing smaller wagers for each play will stretch out your playing-time, but you drastically reduce your chances of a significant win. Playing to win, in these cases, means putting enough on the line with each play that your wager can qualify for the substantial win of a major jackpot or a multiplied bonus.

As you choose a game to play, basic math will tell you that the larger the number of symbols in a game’s reel, the less likely it is for you to line up a winning jackpot of matching symbols. Games which include “wild” symbols (a symbol which acts like a wild card and can be designated as any one of the other symbols to the player’s advantage) increase your odds of winning by significantly altering the odds. With a wild symbol, you could score a line-up of two matching symbols, and the third can be either the same symbol or a wild symbol to complete a jackpot. Obviously your chances of turning up one of two symbols are better than if there’s only one symbol that could complete the jackpot

Myth: A machine that has just made a big payout won’t pay out another for a while, so a player should switch to a new machine. Statistically speaking, any machine (whether online or in person at a traditional casino) is exactly as likely to pay out a jackpot on any play as on any other play. The slot machines themselves are operated by random number generators, so your chance of hitting a jackpot is exactly the same every time you play the machine. The statistical likelihood of a jackpot is not any different on the play after a jackpot than it is a hundred games later. It’s common for people to move from a machine after a payout, but there’s actually no statistically valid reason to move.

Myth: A machine that hasn’t paid out for a while is “due” for a win, and is more desirable than other machines at that time. This myth is the flip-side of the previous one, based on the perception that machines pay out at particular intervals. In truth, however, whether you’re playing online or in person, the likelihood of a win on any given play is exactly the same percentage or chance as on any other play, regardless of when a player last experienced a win on that machine.

Myth: Casinos position “hot” machines in the areas where wins are visible, in order to draw in players who see others winning. This perception leads people to choose particular machines (in the aisles of traditional casinos, for example, or even from particular layouts in virtual casinos) with the expectation that these games are more likely to pay out. In actual fact, no machine is more or less likely than others to pay out a win, based as they are on random number generators.

Myth:Money management playing with online casinos is complicated and not necessarily secure. Managing your money in online casino play can actually be easier than in a traditional brick and mortar casino. Using an online money management service like Neteller or Click2Pay, you can create an account, move funds from a bank account or credit card, and avoid the risk of exposing your credit card number or financial information at the casinos. When you use the online money management service to deposit playing funds at an online casino, you’ll enjoy the additional security offered by the money management services, as well as easy tracking with the ability to view your transactions, check your balance, and easily see how much you’re winning and where you stand with your overall fund management. Try playing now at Mr Green Casino!

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